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very good

what language or engine did you use to proggram this...


I found your game completely by accident a few years ago. 

My friend and I became obsessed with it. We played it so much that we had to find new ways to play it, such as closing our eyes and just playing it with sound and controller rumbles. 

Needless to say we're huge fans, and have been waiting for years for any news or updates on the game. If you've got anything in the pipeline, we'd love to hear about it. 

Thanks for a great game. 

- C


I played this game at MAGFest in an arcade cabinet this past weekend!  But clearly I was playing a more recent version than this...with a strong Spain-inspired theme, a choice of two characters, and very pretty stage design.  It wasn't about stealing souls, it was about stealing gold...and I wanted to go straight home and buy it!  So I did, but it looks like I bought an older version.  When can I buy the new one?  Thanks!

Thanks Gabe, for this talented gem.

Dear Creator,

While playing your game, we accidentally accessed the secret menu, but we weren't able to play the RPG Mode... My friend, who's a Gamemaker Pro, so to say, noticed that you probably switched the 1 and the L in your RPG Mode thingy, we'd love to try it out, so we'd like to request that you fix is asap.

Thanks in advance,